Possible Sources of Help

Where Do I Go for Information or Help on Cultic Ritual Abuse?

People need to use their personal circumstances and discretion, their beliefs or disinclinations. Waters have become so muddied that opinion settles one way or another, for or against this approach or that, leaving people with no personal options. We have to find some! The following are suggestions that have been made. You are free to make up your own mind. But please find out all you can on your own behalf, or for someone you know.

'I have no way of verifying much of what I was told, but heard enough to cause concern. It is easy for a folie-a-deux to form, however hard one tries to keep things straight. My online friend could just have been terribly confused, or perhaps that is how someone wanted things to be or to look. If I find out that I've been conned, you have my word that I will admit it.' - Is the Author a fake, a flake, or plain deluded? Whatever you may think on that issue, read it to see the lengths some therapists apparently go to.

Some suggested sources
www.cultavoidancesociety.org Aims to pro-actively educate about the dangers of destructive cults, in order to reduce the risk of people becoming involved in abusive and totalitarian groups.


'A Singular Yarn'

A story with a difference about ritual abuse and confusing therapy
- For those who wonder if ritual abuse is ever really real
- For those who wonder if their therapy really is helping

All it really needs is for someone involved in these practices to spell out the 'spells', to tell us honestly what is done and why, and what can be done. It could be done like The Masked Magician on TV so no-one would know their ID.


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Justice for Carol for a different and equally disturbing tale www.justiceforcarol.com
Also see the Links page there.

Memory Distortion website http://memorydistortion.synthasite.com/#/
Maxine Berry's story with useful Links and information.

Also see article www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/latest-news/top-stories/how-false-memory-of-abuse-almost-destroyed-maxine-s-young-life-1-2256182

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