Counselling & Therapy Questions

'Doc Matrix' has some suggested Questions about the help people get when they look for someone to help them - or just use this Form to say what you want to

His videos are on YouTube theCojent channel

Outline Questions on Help

Could you have got through without help?
Do you wish you had not sought help? Why?

What might you have done differently?
What do you think was helpful?

What do you think was unhelpful or unconstructive?
What do you feel could be construed as obstructive or abusive?

Do you feel there was anything at all manipulative about it?
This could be in the form of some special expertise, perhaps an overbearing manner,
or even someone being quite charming

Was there an attempt to make the philosophy very attractive?
Or very 'necessary'!

Doc's Further Questions on Help

Did you ask anyone for some help?
Did you wish you could ask someone for help?

Did you try for help via the National Health Service?
Did you seek help privately?

Did you see a psychologist or someone who used Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT?

Did you seek some kind of spiritual or pastoral help?
For instance through religion, or what some people think of as a cult-like organisation?

Was it some form of alternative medicine or wholistic approach?
Did you consult a form of psychic practitioner?

Did you go for hypnosis or hypnotherapy?
Was it what is loosely termed NLP or neuro linguistic programming?

If you sought help was it helpful to you?
Were there things that were not helpful?

Did you find it easier to talk to friends, colleagues, neighbours, family? Was it easier to talk to a stranger or casual acquaintance?

Did you receive help from voluntary workers?
Did you try telephone or textlines, email or the Internet?

With hindsight, what would you rather have done?
What would you advise someone else to do with a problem?

Do you feel you have ever been influenced by another person or by a group, so that you behaved or thought differently from usual? How do you think this happens?

Do you sometimes behave very differently anyway according to circumstances, or how you are feeling?

If you seek Help it should be the right kind - for YOU!
What other questions do you think might be useful?

You can look on the Internet along the lines of
‘therapy culture’, ‘talking cure’, or ‘psychotherapy concern’,
and work out where any of it may fit for you

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