How Does Memory Work?

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Jim Hopper's site on Memories
and notes about seeking help is at A range of useful information about memory research, showing that experts are divided, and there is not likely to be any one answer. He gives some cautions:

Words of Caution I
* Research and theories about amnesia and delayed recall for childhood sexual abuse are extremely controversial.
* All statistics and interpretations of these phenomena are disputed by some experts.
* Complex and subtle scientific issues are involved, including criticisms of research methods and theory-based interpretations of research findings and clinical observations.
* The most controversial issues are:

1. How common are amnesia and delayed recall for sexual abuse experiences?
2. How do we understand the evidence? For example, do people "simply forget" sexual abuse just as they might temporarily forget any other unpleasant experience, or are different brain mechanisms and psychological defensive processes involved?

* Emotions and moral commitments influence everyone's reasoning and judgement to some extent.
* Even experts who claim to be without bias are fooling themselves or trying to fool you.

Words of Caution II
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