Core Self, Core Complex, Core Values, Core Beliefs

What is Vital? What DO we Fight for?
What Would we Fight for?
These terms mean different things, and they may also be used differently in an attempt to describe what is very basic and important to us as individuals, our very self, our values, what we regard as 'us', 'ours', or our 'territory' - emotional or physical, or even another person.

People get into difficulties, fights or wars over any or all of them. It helps to work out what really relates to us, or to others, where boundaries are, where they probably should be, or where they can get confused.

Readers with a philosophical bent may know of Antonio Damasio, a neuroscientist who wrote The Feeling of What Happens describing 3 types of self: a proto-self, a core self and an autobiographical self.

We could have some feelings or emotions without knowing what they are or where they came from. Would we necessarily know why we reacted in a certain way, or did something or wanted something that we cannot now fathom?

Perhaps the best we can do is try to understand why something has gone amiss, in actuality, in memory, or in narrative.

What other aspects could come into play? What needs looking at, leaving alone, or just regarding as inexplicable?

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