Mirror Neurons, Cults, Persuasion, Therapy, Help

If we accept that memes or mirror neurons could play a part in religion or beliefs, might cults or movements, or even therapy, operate via a similar mechanism? Are further factors likely to be involved in complex issues?

The placebo effect seems relevant for whether or how quickly we get better. Does this apply to how convincing a psychotherapist is, or how damaging the wrong emphasis is for some vulnerable people who go for help?

Do some therapists seem like cult-leaders, strongly motivated by a belief system - regardless of how relevant or damaging they may be for an individual? See Doc Matrix asks about Help at http://trubbles.angelfire.com

Two books worth looking at, or finding out about!

'Making Minds and Madness' by Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen
'Feet of Clay' by Anthony Storr (about Gurus - including Freud and Jung)

Links to Playlists on Youtube

Mirror Neurons, Cults, Placebos, Therapy

Boundaries in Therapy, Regulation

Hypnosis, Abuse, Cults

Survivors, Safety, Rights, Law
Videos leading to information for Survivors of various kinds:
Bullying, Domestic violence, Coercion;
Child abuse, Abuse survivors; Sadistic abuse;
Homelessness, Missing from Home;
Con-tricks, Scams, Getting set-up or hustled; 'The Real Hustle';
Consumer information, BBC Watchdog, Rogue Traders;
Ageing, Alzheimer's;
Mental health, MIND;
Citizens' Advice Bureaux, Advice;
United Against Injustice: Miscarriages of Justice;
Liberty: Human rights, Civil liberties;
Your rights & liberties - versions for young people & older people;
Safety online & off; Safety tips for meeting up with someone - Phone a Friend!
Boundaries in therapy

Guidelines for Seeking Help & Self-Help: www.tansal.org.uk/guidelinesforhelp.html

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